Mud Magic Art

Artist Vicky Phillips
Functional Art: Food safe - Oven safe - Microwave safe - Dishwasher safe
My art is ever-changing and any piece is customizable in shape, design, and color.
Please call me so we can make something perfect for your needs 830-522-1234.

Dog Bowls

Why not treat your pet and yourself to a better feeding system? After all your dogs and cats are valued members of your family.
Eating from a raised bowl helps calm your pet, as they can easily see what is going on around them. In addition, elevated feeders help your pet to maintain their posture. It also helps keep pests out of your pet’s food, and cuts down on messes for you. The feeding system is built in two parts, a bowl that fits in the base. Both parts are dishwasher safe and is heavy enough to discourage pets from carrying it off or batting it around. So, treat yourself and your pet with a hand-built artisan feeding bowl that will go with your décor! You can buy from my stock or have one custom made to fit your pet and your home.
Click on photos to see a larger version.
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