Artist Vicky Phillips



After thirty years, I  retired from the movie industry.  I was raised in Texas  and spent a good part of my live here so I came home,  back to the Texas Hill Country. 

 I proudly display an “Emmy” awarded to me for the creativity in the HBO movie “Earth to the Moon”. 



I  discovered the self satisfaction of manipulating clay into something amazing in high school and have always had the desire to go back to it some day.

After moving back home I  designed and helped build my  nature-inspired home which includes a clay  studio. 


 “I moved to the beautiful Texas Hill Country to live a lifestyle where I have  control over the day’s events and my daily activities. When I put in a 10 to 12 hour day in my studio, I leave with a sense achievement. I always seem to learn something new that keeps me excited and passionate about making pottery!"